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Welcome to itfranchiseuk.com! Sell IT services like web design and market them like SEO. Fasten your seatbelt because we’re going to reveal how partnering with us as a franchisee can help you earn between £5-6k+ a month! Our franchisee program pays you tremendously for your efforts and in terms of numbers that equates to an astounding 40 percent per sale. But the icing on the cake is that you can earn month after month without lifting a finger from recurring processes such as SEO.

If lack of technical expertise is what’s stopping you from getting on this gravy train, good news is that we provide you with the necessary training, and even step it up a few notches by dealing directly with your clients to help you make the sale and add one more happy client to your roster. We are a team of professional designers backed by a wealth of expertise in web design and SEO. Our design experience extends to creating static, dynamic, E-commerce, responsive mobile friendly websites and managing SEO as well as paid campaigns for excellent ROI.

Headquarted in London EC2A 4NE, IT franchise uk also has offices in India in order to provide you with competitive rates owing to the low cost of employment compared to the UK. Savings that can be passed on to your customers! ITfranchiseUK.com offers two franchisee plans to choose from—a Basic plan for £495(one-time fee) that includes website design and basic SEO, and a Premium plan for £995 (one-time fee) that includes website development, premium SEO and design and 1000 printed leaflets.

To put your potential franchisee profits in perspective, 2-3 orders per day at a 40 percent commission rate will help you earn a handsome £5-6k+ a month and this number could very well spiral out of control with monthly recurring orders such as SEO processes. Social media marketing is our forte and we can help you achieve unmatched results by promoting your franchisee website on the most popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We not only design your franchisee website, but also go the extra mile by taking care of the important logistics under the hood such as location based organic keyword selection, so you gradually move up in search engine rankings without spending a penny. It is however important to note that the aforementioned organic search engine ranking technique will not yield results overnight, but what we can do is add fuel to the fire with Google (AdWords) and social media campaigns to accelerate the process.

If you’re up for a little legwork, the 1000 leaflets included with the premium package can help you realize optimal profits and potential client engagement locally. This is truly a win-win situation for your clients and you as it gives them access to premium web design, E-commerce and marketing services at competitive rates resulting in more traffic and helps you earn handsomely in the backdrop through your very own IT franchisee business.

If you feel the extra £5-6k+ a month with just a phone line and internet connection could help your bottom line, get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain things in more detail and assist you with the sign up process.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

IT franchise from only £499
No experience necessary
Earn from £4-5k+ a month in year 1

Case Study

Michael took the opportunity of setting up an IT franchise for selling web design and marketing services. Without any knowledge, within an hour he knew enough to start the business. Initially he started approaching businesses in his local area. He got quite a few clients from them and sold web sites , ecommerce and SEO. With SEO Michael was able to earn a residual income each month. Also after couple of months, the website we built for Michael started ranking on front page with local results so Michael started earning revenue from google and bing. Now Michael is well set and even employs staff to work in his office. All this for only £499.


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